OctPoWriMo: 31 Days, 31 Poems

For some people poetry is a nuisance, for others it is

a gift that keeps giving,
a daily need,
soul food.

Whatever poetry means to you, I have some good news. October is the poetry writing month! Like National Writing Month where people are challenged to write a novel in thirty days, this month you’ll be challenged to write poems.

October, Poetry Writing Month (OctPoWriMo) is way to rediscover your inner muse, revive your inner poet or just read and enjoy great poetry.

I will be posting a poem a day for the month of October (so help me God).

If you are going to be writing poetry this month, even if it is haiku, you can leave links to your site in the comments so we can read your work as well.

Thank you for reading and let the poems begin!

My Last

You came into my world
Like a comet
Blazing through the sky
Everything changed
When I looked into your eyes
I can not explain
The way you make
My heart skip,
I feel Love
Swallowing me whole
I feel Hope
Filling the holes
The voids of pain past,
You are not my first
But you will be
My Last.