When the rocks gathered,I was a diamond
When the diamonds gathered I was a flaw
When the flaws gathered I was human
When the humans gathered I was African
When the Africans gathered I was poor
When the poor gathered I was ugly
When the ugly gathered I was lame
When the lame gathered I was dull
When the dull gathered I became rock
Chalk, and I taught. I showed them what they could do, have, be. Together we learnt and built and grew. Now they are no longer dull and I am no longer rock. We are all diamonds glistening in the sun.

No Prizes For Cowards

A poem to mark the making of the female Thor and the Black Captain America.

I exist without your consent,
Thrive without your meaningless rhetoric,
I have never needed your smile to stand tall,
Never need your nod to be all
I was created and designed to be
You can’t define me in recycled dregs of burn-out or
Lack of creativity.

If you aren’t brave enough
To discover me,
That’s alright,
No one’s giving you a prize for this
Half-baked redeemer fight,
Look away in shame
Like you always have,
Truth will find a way
She always has.


If you would rather have flowers
By the wayside than let me
Catch a bite,
Then pull apart my kiosk,
Bury me beneath,
If my hunger doesn’t bother
Your fat oily self,
Break my bones while you are at it
Push them underneath
The soil,
Your flowers will bloom
Bigger and brighter
For it all.