Blind Spot

I struggle to see you
As one mirror-less must
To behold his own face,
As a deaf man does
To hear his baby laugh,
As a lame man
Who wants to run.

You refuse to answer,
As if I never was,
Or became a
Cobweb and a
Speck of dust,
Too infinitesimal
Too small,
Unworthy of your
not important at all.

this too shall pass
i shall rise from the pieces
the broken pieces
of my now
i will break the chains of pain
to smithereens
i will overcomeiStock_000013717970Man-on-water.jpg


Our voyage ended
before we set sail,
Tossed cruelly in the
eye of the gail,
Broken promises
Like debris ashore,
Tear stained faces
Weeping, to weep no more,
A foolish forgotten vow
Resurrected to haunt our Now,
Perhaps it’s for the best
That things end this way
You, knowing I am a fraud
Me, wondering what to say,
The wedding crowd murmuring:
Why today of all days?