Free Pass

You might get a free pass that day when you show Him why you didn’t believe. With many brilliant theorems, arguments and proofs you might convince Him that He couldn’t have been.

I will never be in that place, capable of denying the wonders of His grace. I have seen Him work through my despair, rescue me and answer my prayers. He has touched my flesh and saved my soul, I would sooner deny myself than let that lie be told.

God is real, though our human minds may not have the range or receptors to seek Him out. But in my heart I know without a doubt, His love and mercy found my mouth. You might get a free pass that day but I must testify of what I know, God is real and good to me.

Miracles of Matter

Matter may not be created or destroyed
but it can be changed
     buried in black holes,
it can metamorphose
and reform
Leaf can become caterpillar
Caterpillar, butterfly
Spider, tadpole
Tadpole, toad
Toad, fly.

Matter may not be created or destroyed
but it can do anything in between.

Bird Watching

The first time I knew He answered prayers was when I was six years old.
I loved birds and I wanted to gaze at them in awe, but they always flew away. 😦
I told my mother I wanted a bird to build a nest on a lamp by our door
step. That way I would look as long as I wanted and they would have nowhere to hide.
Mom told me to pray. “Only God can do that.”
I prayed. Many nights and days.
One morning Mom woke me up and dragged me outside.
I blinked and gawked.
There on the lamp was a nest. With three chicks and two parent birds.
They stayed there till we moved. I looked till I was full.
Even now, decades later, I
Remember that day.
Especially when people say there is no God.
God is real. I am a witness.
He answered my prayers when I wasn’t even a Christian.
He can answer yours too.
God bless you.