Eight Businesses Young People Can Start With Little Or No Money

One thing almost all young people worry about is money. Most of us don’t have enough, don’t have it regularly and some of us don’t have it all. One of the ways to get money is start a business. Most businesses need lots of money and skills to start but some can be started with little or no capital.

These are eight jobs/businesses you can start with little or no money.

1. Teaching

When most people think of teaching, all they see is a classroom and a white board. It is more than that. Teaching involves passing on your knowledge, skills and experience to others.

If there is anything you can do well, than that is a potential teaching gig. Identify things you are good at and make a teaching plan. Can you sew, swim, dance, code, write, cook? Are you great at maths, martial arts, statistics, or English? Whatever you are good at, there is someone who wants to learn and is willing to pay. All you have to do is organise your lessons and find a medium. It could be online, home-based or in a facility.

Once you start, word will spread and more students will come in. And with them the money you need.
2. Marketing

Every business wants more patronage. Even the big businesses with billion dollar budgets. However, not every business can afford a team of marketing experts; that is where you come in.

Target businesses that have good services but lack visibility, an ideal location. Negotiate with them for commissions on the clients you bring. Spread the word through all your contacts online and offline. Smile to the bank or from the bank, or to your PayPal. All are good.
3. Agenting

Agents are in high demand across all sectors. You can be a real estate agent. You can be an athlete’s agent. You can even be a writer’s agent. There are so many opportunities. All you need to have a good eye for the niche and the connections between the buyer and the seller. Done.
4. Cleaning

Cleaning is a fact of life and one that most people would rather outsource. You can start small within your neighbourhood and build gradually from there. Many one man cleaning businesses have gone on to employ hundreds. Do it of you have a flair for it, or as a stepping stone. In any case, it is a vital business with an easy entry point.
5. Shopping

Most wealth people don’t have time to search for the things they want. Online shopping has helped but there is still a gap. That is where you walk in. You offer bespoke shopping services for the rich and busy. Spend some time acquainting yourself with the markets. Know the discounts and sales as well as the vendors you can trust. Match your client’s wish list with real goods that meet their needs. You earn a commission from your client and sometimes from the vendors too. Paid.
6. Personal training

Scientists have announced that for the first time ever, the overweight people on earth outnumber the others. That is serious. And for you that could be serious business. If you need to, get fit yourself. If you are fit then find a niche you can flourish in: yoga, cycling, dancing, running, callisthenics, any one. Learn all you can and grow. Focus on being supportive, present and committed to your clients. They can get info and routines in books, on websites and on YouTube but there is just one you.
7. Content writing/editing

Anybody (literate, healthy and willing) can write, but not everyone can write to specifications under deadlines. If you can, then you are in. Spend some time to study the market. Follow handles that talk about freelance writing. (check @TiceWrites out). Read job boards. Advertise. Know the going rates and aim for better. Network. Get help: proofreader, editor, agent. Be patient. Start from topics you are passionate/ knowledgeable about . Read the kind of work you want to write. Bring home the money, honey.

8. Child minding/Baby-sitting

Self-descriptive. But you don’t have to stay basic. Add activities. Add classes. Add trips to local parks and libraries. As outdoor exercises.Be creative. Be fun. And watch parents seek you out all day long.

So there they are, the inconclusive list of businesses you can start free. Capitalise on your knowledge, skills, passion and networks. Starts small but dream big. Keep learning. And watch your credit alerts ring all day like a ticking clock.


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Stay winning ✌🏾




Dodgy Deals II

Read Dodgy Deals I here

Anger whistled in her belly as she fought to stay calm. The weeks of sleepless nights and skipped meals flashed before her eyes like a pantomime. A fresh fount of tears stung her eyes and she blinked them back as fast as she could. The warm fluid trickled down her nose and she tilted her head so it dripped down her throat.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Are you paying for the hall?”


“The food?”


“The ushers?”


“The Compere(s)?”


“But what? Jim. But what?” Nma asked, staring at him, eyebrows raised, arms akimbo.

“Nma, I am sorry.” Jim said. “I really like your work. It is the best I have seen in ages. The problem is we don’t have a budget for up-coming artists. We are offering you exposure and a chance to be discovered. A lot of collectors will be at the exhibition. They might see your work and buy it. You can’t lose getting your work in front of an audience. You have to be known to earn from art. That’s the way it is. That is the way it has always been.”

“Stop.” Nma replied. “Just stop.”
Her voice sliced the air like a scythe.

“Don’t give me that crap. Don’t tell me about exposure. Exposure doesn’t buy paint or canvass or breakfast. You amaze me. You are hosting an exhibition, people are paying to attend.”

She paused for breath and began to tick of the items on her fingers.

” You budgeted for the hall, the ushers, the food,the drinks. You even budgeted for the compere’s. But not the artists. You need to rethink your priorities, Jim. You need to ask yourself why you are doing this. Is it for art? Or are you just another rapist? Taking people’s blood and sweat from them for free, under the guise of ‘Promoting Art’. No wonder you don’t have many takers. No artist worth their salt would allow this–this travesty. Now, if you ‘ll get out of my way. I have things to do and people to see.”

Jim reddened under his collar. This wasn’t what he had envisioned when Tola had told him about a young artist that breathed life unto canvas. He made another effort. “Nma, please, it’s not the way you make it sound.–”

“Then what is it? You made provision for everything and everyone except the artists. You wouldn’t dare ask a compere to speak for free, or rent a hall with exposure. You are a fraud posing as an art lover. You just take advantage of struggling artists to build your fancy art-loving brand. What’s wrong with renting the art work if you can’t afford to buy? What’s wrong with rewarding the people that work night and day, rain or sun, feast or famine, to get art made?” Nma laughed, a cold mirthless sound. “Fine saviour of african art you are. Truly ‘showcasing Africa’s beauty’.”

“Nma, please.” Jim said. “I never thought of it that way–this way. We don’t have enough funds to buy, I never thought about renting. Besides what we would offer would be too shameful–”

“Shameful? Jim, what can be more shameful than offering nothing? Asking me to pay before you display my paintings?”

“Oh no! We could never do that. Shocks! This is not the way this meeting was meant to go. Forgive Nma. Let’s start afresh over a glass of juice. We are on the same team. We love art. We can be friends. There has to be a way around this.”

He reached for her hand and felt an unexpected jolt of desire run up his loins.

To be continued …

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