The Fire Of Dreams

For my blog readers, thank you for being there.

What’s this fire that burns within?
Is it rage or anger? Pain or glee?
Will it transport us past
The bridge?
Will dreams satisfy the pangs
As they pinch, grip and wring
Our guts like a cloth?
Will it always be tears and never triumph?
Won’t there be a place to smile?
The clink glasses and make merry
To sign contracts and receive royalties?
There will. There has to be.
Or else perhaps I will
Be glad with you.

You are a salve so sweet,
On the wounds of my inadequacy
Knowing you are there, comforts
More than a million pep talks,
Your comments bring a smile
to my lips
And sweep the dark clouds
Of doubt away.
Did you know?
You keep me going
Keep me writing
Keep me hoping
Keep me smiling
And if nothing else follows
These smiles we share
Will be enough.