Asa Finds A Friend


A bedtime story

Once upon a time there was a spider called Asa who needed a friend. She lived in a gorgeous web that glistened with the colours of the rainbow and hummed with the melodies of the wind. Every time she tried to find a friend: someone to come in, take a seat and drink some dew with her, they fled.

She invited the Feyi  the Fly as he buzzed past her home, “come let’s play, I have leaf-cards, I have a tray full of food.”

Feyi the fly scoffed, scowled and nearly growled, “be gone! spider, trapper of souls, killer of unwary fliers, I spit on your web & leaves& everything you own.” Then he flew away in a huff, leaving Asa in tears.

She invited Attah the Ant but he marched past her with a quarter cube of sugar balanced on his head, “I have work to do! So much work to do! The world is full of lazy people but there is so much to do!” He chanted without a break in stride, soon all Asa could see was his disappearing hindsides.

She invited the Ladybug. Sent her an invitation, hand spun, in a scented flower. “Next year maybe, or the one after that. I can’t find room on my schedule to sit with you and chat,” said the Ladybug as she lay soaking up the sun on a black and red polka dot mat with dark glasses on.

Asa was sad but she was also determined. She wrapped up her web and set out on a voyage. There must be someone who would want a friend just like she did. All she had to do was keep looking and seeking and believing, if she didnt give up, soon, she would find them!

She climbed up a tree and waited for a while, soon a dandelion blowball blew by and she hopped on. Up in the air she flew. Past farms and houses, bicycles and chickens too. Soon the blowball rested by a lake, Asa looked around and was in awe of all she saw: majestic dragon flies buzzing over the water, termites dancing, butterflies soaring overhead. In a corner under a large Udara tree, she saw a small old-looking web, she walked towards it and met an old grandma spider resting in its shade. The grandma spider’s name was Kaka and she was too old or frail to catch food or spin her web.

“I ll help with that. I can spin a big beautiful web and get you fresh food along with some honeydew.” Asa said with a skip in her step. She worked at it all day. Soon the web was done, Grandma Kaka was fed and sleeping soundly. Asa was bored again.

She walked to the lake and begin to spin then she saw the most amazing thing; a bug walking on the lake. “Wow, “she said when he came by, “how can you do that? It is impossible!”

Jakno the Jesus bug laughed. “Nothing is impossible, if you believe. I could teach you, if you want.” Asa wanted very much indeed.

Soon they were strutting up and down the pond. Jakno taught her to water-walk, water-skate, water-dance too. She had the most glorious time. Soon it was time to go back home.

“I am glad I met you Jakno,” Asa said with a smile.

“Me too, beautiful Asa,” Jakno replied.

So Asa came to live by the pond with Gradma Kaka, water-skating and playing with the Jesus bug Jakno. She found family and she found a friend because she didn’t give up and she kept on trying. If you go to the pond today, you can see  two of them, skating, playing and dancing in the sun.

Conversations: Like A Heartbeat

What are you waiting for?

I don’t know.

Are you scared?

Yea, a lot.

Of what?

Everything. I am scared of success and scared of failure. Scared of being inadequate, scared of being too much. Scared of making the wrong choices and scared of trusting the wrong people. I am not just scared , I am terrified.

Aha! Then you have no problem. If fear is all that is holding you back, you must go ahead. You must do it afraid.

What if I fail?

What if you succeed?

What if I can’t finish?

What if you can?

People will laugh at me. They’ll tear my work to shreds!

Maybe. And maybe some will love you. Maybe you will reach those fpr whom your gift was meant.

It is useless. The world is strewn with the bones of dreamers, failures and wannabees.

It is also full of success stories, if you only look out for them.

But the world doesn’t need another piece of “African Art”

If it doesn’t, then why is the need to make some surging in you as strong as your heartbeat?