The Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize, Top 20 List Is Out, We Made It!

The Etisalat Flash Fiction Top 20 List is out and our entry, Dressed Like A Prince, is on it.

We wish to thank all of you that read, liked, voted, shared, tweeted about, reviewed, endured and celebrated the #DressedLikeAPrince campaign.

You are the real heroes.
This Victory is yours, and we celebrate you.

May people gather to support you as you supported us. May you always have the help you need to realise your dreams. Amen.


Our other story, A Show Fit For A King, Is still up for Facebook Likes!


1.Visit the : Institute of Certified Communicators Facebook page. or click here:

2.Look for Story #3: A Show Fit For A King by N. Bassey.

3. Read & Like: A Show Fit For A King

4. Tell all your Facebook friends etc about it.

Thank you for supporting (y)our stories,

Thank you for supporting African Literature,

Thank you for supporting The A Show Fit For A King campaign!

Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize, Dressed Like A Prince (excerpt).

We need new clothes, Godspower and I. He needs them more, with his tattered trousers and red T-shirt turned brown. My gown is torn, but it’s still blue.

It’s Independence Day, so there’s no school. We play and goof around. Godspower sings ‘God Bless Nigeria’. His voice is a kite lifting me to the heavens. He wants to be a musician when he grows up, like MJ or Fela.

“Grace, let’s go to America.” Godspower says.

“Okay.” I reply, and we set out.

America is a boutique beside the new stadium. We like sitting across the street; watching wealthy women shepherd fussy well dressed children in and out. We watch and ache.

Godspower says our parents will bring us clothes from Yobe, when they return. It has been nine months now. Their phones numbers are unavailable, their whereabouts, unknown. Grandma says we should pray. I do, but fear swallows my faith.

Today, we are horrified. America has been …

To read the concluding part of their story, please visit

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Thank you, God bless you.

Win Prizes In The Dressed Like A Prince Quiz!

Hello there,

Etisalat is doing something amazing for unpublished writers and we are glad to be a part of it.

Our story ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ is one of 480 stories up for votes on the Etisalat Prize website.

We are giving away some nice prizes to some lucky winners.


Read: Dressed Like A Prince (DLAP)

Vote: Under the story, Click Vote For Me.

Then send an email to with the answers to theses questions.

1. Name 4 Book titles you saw mentioned or alluded to in the story DLAP.

2. What Colour changes did Godspower’s clothes undergo?

3. What 6 themes could you see?

4. What were your favourite lines?

All the best. Contest closes by Sunday October 27 2013.

Please Read And Like Our ICCOM Story!

Compliments of the week!

As I shared with you earlier, our kiddies story on the theme– Together We Are Better– ‘A Show Fit For A King’ has been shortlisted for the ICCOM prize. However to win the prize we need Facebook ‘likes’.

Please Click on the link below to read the 1000 word tales of love laughter and unity.

Please Like it and spread the word too.

Together We Are Better Indeed.

Thank you and God bless you!

20+ Ways To Help The #VoteDressedLikeAPrince Campaign


We are in the last ten days of the #VoteDressedLikeAPrince campaign. I thank God for keeping us through the first two-thirds and I trust Him to take us to the end.

I am lost for words to express how humbled, amazed and thankful I am for all the love, care and affection you have show me in this especially trying time. It is true: Life’s dark moments have silver linings; you, are its gold.

Through out the week, people asked me how they can help make the campaign a success. After some thought, I decided to do a post on it, please add your own ideas and thoughts too. We are better because of you.

Permit me to share with you, 7 ways to help the ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ bid.

1,2. Read&Vote

This is basic but being human and all, we forget the basics sometimes. Your own votes are the start of making the campaign work. Ensure that you have voted with all devices/Sim cards/Ip addresses near you, including your neighbour’s Wi Fi.

Thank you.

3,4. Share & Re-share

After voting please go ahead to share. The easiest way is to click the Facebook and Twitter share buttons below the ‘Vote For Me’ banner.

Other ways to share include : Free/Bulk SMS, Word of Mouth,Flyers with the link on it, Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp, Mailing lists, Instagram, Keek, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twoo, 2go, Badoo, Path, Linkedin, Reddit, Google+ etc.

If possible leave a personal note to convince people that it is not spam.
And if possible do some follow up so they know it is important. 😉

Special thanks to

And all the other people that have been making it happen.

We Love You.

5,6. Review & Discuss.

Review the story. You can do this on your blog, on Twitter, or any of your Social Media Platforms. Reviews help create a buzz around a story. More buzz means more readers which means more votes.

Special thanks to and for their reviews of Dressed Like A Prince.

You can also discuss it on Twitter, Facebook, Nairaland, NaijaStories etc

7,8. Blog/Reblog it.

Even if you don’t have the time to review ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ you can at least leave a word about it on your blog. Just a paragraph or two along with the link to the story goes a long way to help.

Special thanks to and and for their support in this regard.

9. Campaign
This involves talking to groups and individuals that you know can help announce #VoteDressedLikeAPrince.

Such groups and individuals may include–but are not limited to– colleagues, classmates, neighbours, family members, church members, gym acquaintances, and exes.

You might also reach people online: Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Instagram fans etc.

Celebrities, Radio/On Air personalities can be a great help here.

As well as Facebook Groups, Alumni, Mailing lists etcetera.

10. Mobilise

Even if you get just your entire family’s devices to vote, it will be a step most welcome. Depending on your location and setting you might also mobilise your classmates, youth group, writing group, co-workers or fans.

All it takes to give them the message and take them through the steps. Thanks in advance.

You can support by using your time and talents to help reach more people with the ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ story.
For instance

11. Taking photographs that relate to to the story.

12. Drawings or art that depicts scenes in the story.

13. Graphics that do same, including DPs, Banners and cartoons.

14. Songs/Recorded readings of the story for sound cloud.

15. Jingles and Video Adverts put up on Youtube.

16. Modelling: Face of DLAP

17. Hosting: you can host a reading or a rally or a seminar near you.

18. Playlets: Short skits around the theme, filmed for Youtube.

19. Make souvenirs: T-shirts, Mugs, Biros, Key rings…

And whatever else your gifted mind comes up with. 🙂

20. Contribute
Lastly you can contribute by sponsoring a contest or sponsoring any of the supporting items listed above.

Special thanks to
Uncle Taiwo
The Akpans
Aunt Praise

And other anonymous donors for the support and contributions received so far. God bless and Keep you, more and more. Amen.

Plus, pray for us too. We need all the goodwill, good Karma, Best wishes, prophetic prayers and love bombing we can get. Thank you

If we left you out by mistake, please let us know… so we can fix that.

Thanks for reading, what other ways can you help the campaign? Let us know! 🙂
Please read ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ here

Vote under the story and give all the love you can. 🙂

Thank you.

We Won! Our Story Made It To The ICCOM Nigeria Shortlist!

With gratitude and humility, I am very glad to announce that,



Well, what can I say? I am speechless. I thank God, and ICCOM Nigeria for the wonderful opportunity.

All 7 Stories on their short list will be up for voting by 9 am on Monday on their Facebook page.

Please ‘Like’ their page and support us to bring back the prize.

Thank you for supporting the Naija Writer.

Thank you for supporting my journey.

God bless you.

God Bless the Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize, An Open Letter

Dear Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize,

Compliments of day five. It is hard to believe it’s been just five days, it feels like you’ve been with us for years. I hope you will be with us for years.

I felt the need to write to you after reading some if the sentiments expressed about you on Twitter and Facebook. I read in horror as people who have never put up a kobo to sponsor writing boldly dished out condemnation for your noble concept. I watched in pain as the mouths you tried to feed bit you, licking the blood they drew.

Then I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I decided to speak.

God bless you, Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize.

1. Thank you for promoting African writing and getting millions of people that normally don’t give a hoot about literature to read new African writing and care.

2. Thank you for giving new unpublished writers a spot on the world stage, without asking for submission fees, or reading fees or publication credits or all of the above.

3. Thank you for declaring your intentions as early as June, giving everyone enough time to complain and contribute.

4. Thank you for thinking of writers. Nowadays most programs are designed to stimulate feelings and arouse the body. Thank you for doing something that stimulates the mind.

5. Thank you for making my story ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ . available to a wider audience.

6. Thank you for sparking literary discourse along the length and breath of the continent.

7. Thank you for all the surprise perks that have come along with the contest: more Twitter followers, a Celebrity reading my story, vital life lessons learned.

8. Thank you for taking a chance to do something new. God bless you.

From my heart,
Nta Bassey.

1. Please did you see my tricle phones mail? Yes? Thanks in advance!

2. Is there a way we can see the votes? Please?

3. How many votes is it meant to be per device per day?

4. You are doing something fantastic for writers and I am honoured to be a part of it. Thank you for sponsoring and supporting literature. Thank you for investing in the future.

God Bless the Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize.

Day 4: THANK YOU! Plus DLAP Hall Of Fame.


If anyone had told me how demanding the business of promoting my work competitively could be, I’d have laughed loud and long. Not anymore.

I now have a healthy dose of respect for all publishers, indie or trad, big or small. Tuale.

Also, I have deep, sincere respect and appreciation for you. Yes, you. Thank you for being a part of this blog and this story. Thank you for helping send word of ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ out. Night or day. Rain or shine. Words can’t express how grateful I am; truly, you are amazing.

Thank you for coming, thank you for reading, thank you for voting and thank you for sharing. I love you all.

Especial thanks goes out to the following persons for the following reasons. (Watch this space, you might be next!)

1. @drmikemurdock Thank you for reading and sharing my story.

2. @zunguzungu Thank you for reading.

3. @naija247medic Thank you for the innumerable RTs, and boundless support.

4. @zebbook Thank you, your help means so much to me.

5. @4eyedmonk Thank you for keeping your word to Tweet #DLAP once everyday. God bless you.

6. @THIRDPART you are amazing.

7. @Oge_writes you are too kind.

8. @schnaptwits you know already. Thank you.

9. @Miss_Mawee Thank you.

10. @iudofa Thank you.

11. @Ykedexter Thank you.

12. @Eloxie Thank you.

13. @jyte12 Thank you

14. @nessai Thank you, you make this easier.

15. @ikeamadi Thank you, you are a true pastor.

16. @Dupekilla Thank you, you words made the difference.

17. @ronkeemployment Thank you for the boost.

18. @mz_sarahokolo Thank you for keeping the fire burning.

19. @uwemspeaks Thank you.

20. @CJBassey Thank you.

To be continued.

Thank you very much. Together we are better. God bless you

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Etisalat Flash Day 3: My Manifesto


My name is Nta Bassey and I am contesting for the post of the Etisalat
Flash Fiction Writer of the Year.

I need your mandate to win,
I need your votes to succeed,
I need your support to take our stories to the world.

If I am elected and adjudged a winner in the contest, I promise all members of my campaign team

1. Support for their programs and campaigns online and real life.

2. Free autographed copies of my e-book.

3. A mention in my vote of thanks.

4. A lifelong commitment to regular, enjoyable, affordable, [;) #NofreeWriting] accessible. African stories.

5. Direct access to my mailbox.

6. Free articles for your blog.

7. Free advert space on my blog

8. My eternal appreciation and thanks.

If you would like to support my aspiration to serve, reach me


BB Pin: 27685FEE

Twitter: @StNaija

Let’s do this!

For Literature.

For love.

For a chance to share our stories with the world.

For passion.

For the Godspowers in the world.

For Africa, her stories and her people.

For my readers, old, new and yet undiscovered.

Today is done. Tomorrow we press on.

Please Tweet
Facebook share,
Press this,
Reblog this.

Please Vote For My Story : Dressed Like A Prince and Spread the word to your Friends and Family.

Vote My Etisalat Story : Day 2


I am so tired, I can hardly type.


Work. I have been working all day.

On What?

On spreading the news about my Etisalat Story, Dressed Like A Prince.

Hmm. Is it that hard?

Worse. I have to send messages, reply to enquiries, smile, curtsey and bow.

Wow. All that? For what?

For Literature.

For love.

For a chance to share my stories with the world.

For passion.

For all the Godspowers out there, who don’t get a mention.

For Africa, her stories and her people.

For my readers, old, new and yet undiscovered.

Today is done. Tomorrow we press on.

Please Tweet
Facebook share,
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Please Vote For My Story : Dressed Like A Prince and Spread the word to your Friends and Family.