Paradise II

Work ended by 2pm. Here, there was no night, only different shades of morning. I watched as people milled out of the large beautifully furnished hall. I felt so alone. A dark lady with olive green eyes came towards me and smiled.

“Hi” She said, but she was gone before I had a chance to reply.

Amanti showed up then “Hello newbie, how did it go?”

Relief flooded my heart like a huge wave, “Oh Ama! Where were you? I thought you would never come. Wow! I had an amazing time today. We studied Francine and Dekker and Sidney Sheldon. I even wrote a little poem. Wanna see?

“Sure” Amanti said as we walked towards the exit.

“Promise me you won’t laugh…”


I brought out the pocket writer from my purse. A few flicks and the screen was aglow in a lovely purple, black and gold. The poem was a simple one, it said:

Everything around me,
Every wish come true,
Eternity would still be wanting
If it didn’t have you.

“Nice! You have a way with words. That should be set to music. I’ll show it to Menim. His charge is a musician. I am sure they’ll come up with something.” He smiled again showing bright white teeth and a glint of gold.

“Woah! You have a gold tooth. Is that allowed?” I asked in shock.

He threw back his head and laughed. “Easy! Of course it is. There is no lack or scarcity here. Besides nothing about appearance is permanent. Here we can shape-shift to achieve different results.” He smiled again. Now, the gold tooth was diamond sparkling where his upper right canines should have been.

I swallowed. This was getting interesting.

“We can port to your place but I thought you would like to walk around a bit. Get used to the place.”

“Yes, I would like to walk a bit. Thank you.”

There was too much to see. Everything was a form of art. The lovely business premises on both sides of the street. People walking, running, surfing and skating down the streets. Amanti explained that there was no hurt here. Every one had a forcefield that made sure nothing hit them. You couldn’t slap or get slapped. Even if you jumped out of a 30th floor window, you just sailed down like a scuba diver and hovered an inch above the pavement.

I was awed speechless. If I wasn’t in Paradise I would probably have a headache. The possibilities were endless. No aeroplane crashes, no assault, no fractures, no gunshot injuries. Wow.

We passed a glass house named Photo Art and I saw my reflection. I stopped and stared.

To be continued…