He’s Got You

When the world is falling on your head,

your belly is empty and your account red,

when nothing makes sense,

when friend is foe,
and come means go,

when every hour brings another horror,

when white is right and black is a bullet,

when kids are chained and thieves are free,

when vanity is lauded and truth defrauded
Filth applauded,

When your strength is gone,
your body torn,

your hopes and dreams
in slow burn,

When what you want
doesn’t want you,
who you love won’t love you,

when you have no money
and places to go,

When life is all this and more,
Close your eyes,
take a deep breath
and know,

He is with you,

He has gone ahead of you,

He will keep and protect you,

and evermore

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Shameless Lover

It has been a year, or longer.
Your feet have not ceased to grace my door,
Your hands have not ceased to knock,
Your lips have not ceased to say my name.

I have been a bad one yes,
but my heart bore always your weight,
my nose always sought your scent,
my eyes saw always your face, on the curtain of my eyelids.

I return, unsure, afraid,
Will you meet me with an embrace or submerge me in slaps?
Will your lips kiss, or pucker to spit on me? Will your nails scratch?

On my fear, I don my strength
this is no time for trembling,
what must be done
must be done

So here I am
Before you,
Stone me or
Bid me welcome.

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Who Are We?

What are we?
Black or brown?
African or American,
or American-African?

Are we our skin or our brains,
our hearts or our legs,
our pain or our faith,
our past or our future?

Are we the mistakes that we made,
or the amends we desperately work towards?

Are we what they say we are?

Or what they say we are?

Who are we?

The Help?
The Magician, The Wretched?
The Negro, The Nigger, The Afro?
The problem or the solutions,
Our passions or our addictions?

Who are we?

We need to know.


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Paradise Dreamt

I held her in my arms today,

Pressed her wet warmth to my cold dryness,

Her innocent heart beat against my burning skin,

Felt her bounteous curves imprint my frame,

Inhaled the rose, mint, myrrh of her skin,

Closed my eyes with her head on my chest,

My dreams came true,

She loved me as madly as I have always loved her,

We married and eloped to Zanzibar,

She had twins and I was a stay-at-home dad,

We watched stars from our rooftop,

Sipped nectar from green coconuts,

I held her today,

Felt her fragile fear, saw her naked need,

Had her in my arms, possessed her in my world,

It might have been a dream,

Her, ever being with me,

But I held her in my arms today,

Until he came to take her away.


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Have I told You I Love You?

Have I told you?
How much you mean to me?
Your presence is the tonic for my well being,
Your smile is the sun that chases my clouds away,
Your voice is the balm that turns my night to day,
You, rhythm in my pulse,
You, spring in my step,
You, smile that dances on my lips at night,
You, the safe place my dreams are kept.

Paradigm Shift

If all men are dogs,
you are a puppy,

if all women, bitches,
what breed is mommy?

If you hate niggers,
try reading up

one man’s thick
is another’s thin,

One man’s sick,
Is another’s sin,

There’s a way from down up,
A way from up down,

All great things start small,
All Pride comes before a fall,

The patient dog may get the fattest bone,
But early birds get the biggest worm,

Blood, thicker than water,
But there’s a friend that stick closer
than a brother,

In every disadvantage, there’s an advantage,
A plus, in every minus.

The Annals Of An Invisible People

Guy Scott is their Obama,
Adichie is their Emily Bronte,
Dangote is their Bill Gates

Garri is their bread,
Palm wine is their beer,
Gin is their vodka,

Lagos, is their New York,
Abidjan, their Paris,

The war in Mali? France’s Afganistan
The uprising in Burkina Faso? their Arab Spring,
Ebola, the ISIS of their infectious diseases,

Thomas Sankara is their Che Guevara,
Mo Abudu is their Oprah,
Mandela is their Ghandi,

These are in part,
The annals of the world’s invisible people.