Bird Watching

The first time I knew He answered prayers was when I was six years old.
I loved birds and I wanted to gaze at them in awe, but they always flew away. 😦
I told my mother I wanted a bird to build a nest on a lamp by our door
step. That way I would look as long as I wanted and they would have nowhere to hide.
Mom told me to pray. “Only God can do that.”
I prayed. Many nights and days.
One morning Mom woke me up and dragged me outside.
I blinked and gawked.
There on the lamp was a nest. With three chicks and two parent birds.
They stayed there till we moved. I looked till I was full.
Even now, decades later, I
Remember that day.
Especially when people say there is no God.
God is real. I am a witness.
He answered my prayers when I wasn’t even a Christian.
He can answer yours too.
God bless you.