The Naija Writer

This is a blog about the things I love: Nigeria and her issues; Literature, especially fiction and poetry; Christian matters; health, relationships and more. I hope to put up new content everyday. So, make it a date. Let the fun begin.

And always leave a comment, it is the air we breathe. 🙂

St Naija

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13 thoughts on “The Naija Writer

  1. I first saw you on BN and traced you back here. I haven’t read anything yet but you’ll see my footsteps as I walk around.

  2. I really love your blog and stories. I was wondering if you could help me post an open letter on your blog about the absence of literary content on Nigerian entertainment media. I’m trying to get a lot of bloggers to post it, so we would be able to raise an awareness. If you’re interested you could give me your email address, mine is Your participation will be appreciated. My blog is
    Thank you

  3. Hi! My name is Kaitlyn. I am senior at Seton Catholic in Vancouver, Washington and would love to use one of your posts as a source for a research/book project I am conducting. The post regarding “7 things great literature does” is a great post and I would love to quote it in my speech! Please contact me if there are any problems. Thanks!

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