Your Complete Guide To Twitter Abbreviations

So. You joined Twitter. Changed your avi from an egg, wrote a bio, followed a bunch of celebrities in your fields of interest, followed some other normal folk, got followed back.

You are having a great time: reading tweets and laughing, giving some tackles here and there, just enjoying the space then you get hit by some vele, bona hakuna matata (deftly inserted Afrikaans, usually placed at the end of a very interesting tweet that began in English). You survive that. But then you find that you are being hit by abbreviations at every turn. Lol. LWKMD. LWFMD. SMH. KMT. SOML. NGL. IDK. IDC. HMU. LMK. OTP. IKR. MYB. FR.

Now the real panic sets in. And if you are like me, hours and hours later your brain ins still playing the game, a giant scrabble like puzzle where you keep trying words to make sense of it. Sometimes after a minute or two, light dawns and you realize that SOML was Story Of My Life, Idc was I don’t care and Ngl was Not gonna lie.

Other times, you aren’t so lucky. What next?

For on, you can ignore the abbreviation and its writer. This is Twitter not semester finals. If they wanted to be understood they could be clearer, adede abehe amo.*

For another, you can go on a fact-finding mission. Ask Google. Ask the Urban dictionary. DM that nerdy/hip friend on the TL that always knows what’s going on. Seek and you shall find.

You can take it a step further and ask in the thread, below the tweet, display your dated, old-fangled self for all to see. Get ready though, this can be embarrassing drawing the trolls like blood. You have been warned.

You could send the writer a DM, politely asking what the abbreviation meant. This is discrete and usually effective if you follow them and have DM access. If you don’t follow/don’t have access, don’t bother.

Ladies and gentlefolk, that it for getting through the landline of Twitter Abbreviations. Ignore, explore, inquire or not. Keep having a good time and don’t forget to share.

Love you all.


*Annang, means: that is their business
SMH: Shake My Head
KMT: Kiss My Teeth
HMU: Hit Me Up
LMK: Let Me Know
LWFMD:Laugh Wan Fall Me Down
LWKMD: Laugh Wan Kill Me Die
IDK: I don’t Know

OTP: On The Phone

MYB: Mind Your Business

IKR: I Know Right

FR: For Real

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