The Anatomy of Bravery or The Brave Chimpanzee

A chimpanzee walked into the home of a family of seven, shot them all and called himself brave.

Horror struck the land. Newspapers lost their minds trying to unravel the monstrosity. Animal experts were called, professors of zoology summoned. No one could explain how this act of unrivalled evil could have happened. Security chiefs resigned. Vegans shook their heads in silent I-told-you-sos wile millions cried and wept and wailed.

The chimp was called a coward, a monster, a murderer.

A man killed a family of chimpanzees as they swung on boughs and passed food to each other. He murdered mother, father and all their children. Everyone.

The newspaprers covered it.

They called the man brave.

Bravery is killing babies with their mothers. Bravery is the annihilation of the helpless. Bravery is skating for sport and newspaprer headlines. Bravery could never be these.

My thoughts go to the lion cubs slain in a zoo in Sweden because they were ‘surplus’, to animals slain each year as trophies, my thoughts are not enough.

How can I expect humans to respect other life when they do not respect each other? Missiles fall from the sky as grown men swallow gravel in Yemen and in my backyard humans are killed by tribe.

There isn’t much I can do. But by all that is holy and true, I will not let a human murder a family of chimps and be called brave.

You sir, are a coward, a bloodthirsty monster.

Coward kills family of chimpanzees



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