A Song For Sir GRRM 1

I just read the most instructive,amusing and well written article about the Game of Thrones and the unfinished work of George Martin (GRRM).

It made me raise my eyebrows,snort with derision and squeal with witch-like laughter late at night.

As far fetched it sounds I could relate with so much of it: the anxiety that accompanies success, the futility of perfectionism,the lie of working on a book when all you have done is toss bit around in your head.

Permit me (how dare I? Unpublished, unknown, equally guilty?!) to suggest a few win-win approaches to finishing the Song of Fire and Ice.

I have my failings but my friends say I am really good at having good ideas. I think there are a number of ways to try things differently.

After all, if what GRRM has said is true, then he is as sad about this impasse as his fans are. And believe me fans are more than sad. Some are obsessed and sad, some are even sad and
getting book deals to talk more about their eternal wait for the Dance with Dragons.

What do I propose?
Five simple things. But first read the amazing article in the New Yorker and leave a comment.

Five proposed solutions coming your way. Soon.

Editor’s note:
please read The sequel here





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