Game of Thrones: Predictions for Season 7

(Might contain spoilers)
Wasn’t that something? The sixth season of Game of Thrones certainly delivered on: style, gore,twists and great entertainment.
One wonders what can possibly follow to trump that. (Trump trumped. Now I can’t wait to tweet that.)

Here are my hackneyed predictions about what is coming (winter of course) and how I think some things will play out.

1. Cersie is fried.
She is the last loose link in the battle for a united front against the Night King.
She has no friends, no allies(mountains and mad maesters don’t count) and a multitude of enemies:Tyrion,Danearys,Grandma Tyrell, Sandsnakes, The North led by house Stark, even the citizens of Kings Landing itself.
It is time for last part of her prophecy to be fulfilled. I can even see Tyrion’s smiling face as he twists the blade.

2. Lord Baelish is going to sell out the North.
Or at the very least do something terrible to Sansa. The look on his face in that last scene of theirs says it all:I will get you Sansa Stark and you will pay for killing my dream.
Side note: I don’t know what that guy drinks but I would love to have a sip of it.
Horned animals get meeting snail self follow come.

3 . Yara Greyjoy will die too.
Soon. Before she ever gets to sit on the throne. Maybe by the hand of her uncle. Maybe slain in battle. But those hoping for a Lesbian romance between the Iron Island queen and the queen of the seven kingdoms will have to construct that bit of fan fiction themselves. Hey, I might even read it.

That’s all for now.
What are your predictions?
What have you seen in the fires?
Please share in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Predictions for Season 7

    • Yeah. I am sure GRRM has a lot of havoc planned. Maybe the death of a dragon or two and the loss of many ships but last last auntie will be alright.
      Budding evil. Hmm. Possible but with Tyrion by her side let’s hope that won’t be.

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