Dr Dare’s Class

As Dr. Dare expounded on the merits of Preventive Effectiveness Kate found herself admiring his mini afro and his well manicured hands. It didn’t matter that he was at least ten years older than her and married and her lecturer.  There was something about him that drew her towards him, a doll on a string.

The worst part was she had no way of knowing how Dr. Dare felt, no gauge of the mutuality of feelings or lack thereof. No way to know if these feelings were hers alone.

If he doesn’t say it, he doesn’t feel it.

Standard advice for every girl. But still maybe he was shy or scared or struggling…

The timer buzzed and Dr Dare closed with a reminder that
term papers were due next week. Kate dashed out of the class to join the small cloud of students walking Dr Dare to his office.  Most of them had questions to ask about the lecture a few wanted their cards signed. Another girl in a skin tight low-cut black dress stayed on the fringe with a fixed smile on her face. Kate hated her already.

At Dr Dare’s office there were just three students left. One came with an invitation asking Dr Dare to speak to their student group. The smiling girl turned out to be Dr Dare’s niece who needed pocket money. Then it was just two of them.

“Miss Kate, what can I do for you today?”
Kate blushed. She could smell his cologne, see the specks of grey in his hair and hear blood gush past her ears. Was this the right time to make a move? Was she being forward? What if he didn’t feel that way at all?

She swallowed her fear and walked up to him. They were the same height. She could see his eyes, their inquisitive brown depths drew her in. She could imagine leaning in for a kiss. She could see how effortless their embrace would be…

There was a knock on the door. On impulse she stepped back, a middle aged woman in a long flowing gown swayed into the room and kissed Dr Dare on the lips. They whispered to each other for a while oblivious to her existence. Then the woman turned and left as abruptly as she had arrived. Dr Dare gave her a weak smile.

“I am sorry about that. My wife.  She can be a bit dramatic.”

Kate nodded and smiled back. Then she turned and walked out of the office without another word.