Poor Black Man

for Eric Duncan, a Liberian man who was the first person diagnosed with Ebola in USA and who died today.

Poor black man
You didn’t understand,
Did you?
They wouldn’t help you,
Didn’t help you,
Couldn’t spare any Zmapp for you
Left your dirty sheets in bags
Made your mom cry.

It is easier to criticise
‘African’ health systems treating thousands, for failing to provide

“Adequate supportive treatments, simple measures that save lives…”

than to keep a man alive.

It is easier to make dumb metaphors
Call Ebola — ISIS of Biological agents,

Than to balance electrolytes and fluids in a single patient,
Or de-contaminate his dwellings.

Black man,
You didn’t understand
You were a signpost
“No Love For Aliens Here.”

But maybe you did,
And you dared anyway,
Though your President threatened you with jail terms.

You dared
Because every life deserves a chance,
Because every star deserves to shine,
Because no one deserves to be Condemned
To feel himself liquefy and drain into a toilet,
Then watch himself pulverised and emptied into an urn.


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