In And Out Of Time

The time difference, that is what ruined things in the end. Shangai was five hours ahead of Ibesikpo and their lives were that far out of sync.

When she woke up and wanted to spend a few minutes gisting, he was running off to a high power board meeting.

When he wanted to unwind and tell her about his day, she was battling narrow corners with tricycle drivers.

When she wanted to have a quick skype chat before stepping out for a walk, he was fast asleep and his attempts to reply quickly became soft snores.

It made no sense.

Except on Saturdays by 5pm, Ibesikpo time.

When she was back from a long day in the market and he was tucked in bed with a cup of green tea.

And they would trade stories and tell each other jokes and dream of what could have and maybe would still be.

But even that was not enough, when she was posted to Iwoukem. Six long hard weeks without a word, and their long distance love succumbed.

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