When A Wordsmith Departs

I never met Austyn Njoku, but since he passed on I have encountered his love for words in many comments on the world wide web. When I saw this elegant poem in his honour, I thought it best to share it, in honour of the departed poet and as a reminder that life is but a mist.

Please read and share.

(For Austyn Njoku)

By Rasaq Malik Gbolahan
There are ways to mourn
the passing of a poet:

Ferry his coffin across seven seas
and scribble his name on every stone
on the path to the funeral ground

There are words they say
whenever the thunder of death
knifes the heart of the sky:

Ferry his coffin without burning candles
for candlelights are not enough
to burn the forest of death

Read his poems
and deck shelves
with his books

Let him breathe not beneath this
empty earth
but through the wind that blows
and the leaves that wave
as every moment sprouts a bud
of memory in the evergreen rose
he plants

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