Midnight Snack

The plates were washed. The kitchen floor scrubbed. The dish clothes laundered. Still, a basket of fruit waited to be washed and refrigerated on the kitchen table. The chrome wall clock beeped, 12:00am. Agnes wiped her soaked forehead and collapsed on a stool. It had been a long, long day. She was hungry, exhausted and irritated by the aroma of chicken casserole that lingered in the kitchen mocking the plain garri and salt her mistress had left her for supper.

Sometimes she wondered how someone as rich as Madam Kenjo could be mean about simple things like food. Where she came from people were generous with food and embarrassed to give anything less than their best.

If it wasn’t for the money she would have left months ago. Madam was stingy with food and demanding but at least she paid her staff promptly. Unlike the last woman she worked
with, she had left without four months wages, now the woman wouldn’t answer her phone calls….

Grinding her teeth she pulled her self up and began to wash the fruits. A little black speck on one garden egg caught her eye. Frowning she pried it open to find a wriggly maggot, five more tries yielded the same results. Even the juicy looking ones had worms in them.

“Agnes! Get me some garden eggs and groundnut sauce,” Madam yelled from the dining.

She wanted to tell Madam about the worms and offer her something else instead, but as her eye caught the bowl of garri, she wavered. Then with a shrug she set the tray and took it out to her waiting mistress.

The harder part was stifling her laughter as she watched madam nodding with her eyes closed as she munched the garden eggs, savoring her midnight snack.


6 thoughts on “Midnight Snack

  1. You always make me look forward to reading your write ups, I laughed so hard after reading this..the madam deserved it wouldn’t you say..but she pays well :(…lol..nice one

  2. The power these our domestic staff wield sha, I wish we would remember and stop treating them so badly. We literally leave our lives and kids to the care of our helps and our drivers are in charge of our cars and our plenty waka. The security guards too. This was a funny but simple reminder….Thank you.

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