To My Silent Reader

There you are,
Lifting my hopes with the sound of your footsteps,
Of course I am glad,
Where would I be without your visits
A preacher without a pew
A speaker without an audience
A soliloquy.

But pray,
Why never a word?
Not a sound.
No sign of what did or did not please you?
Is it shyness?
Then let’s burn it
Is it slyness?
Then let’s stop it,
Let our meetings be give and take
So your words
Would birth fresh founts of prose
Or poetry
Satire or commentary.

Pray my visiting stranger,
Speak to me.


6 thoughts on “To My Silent Reader

  1. nw u called me out…. Still very lazy to type though. Its my first time commenting *just couldn’t help being pulled by ur writeup*

  2. I left a comment here the day you posted cos I felt your pain. Clearly that was in my head cos I can’t see the comment here. Well I am making sure I actually post this one so you know I was here. And I am your typical Silent Reader, but this poem drew met out and said to me ‘ not everytime yourself, sometimes think about the writer, they deserve some company on this lonely authors Lane, they deserve to see footprints and know to whom they belong.” So here I am saying hello…

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