234 taken,
Swept off their beds to a den of demons

91 slain,
Felled as they studied to be better Nigerians,

50 bombed,
As they made their daily bread,

Thousands displaced, scared, hurt, wounded, broken,

Known by numbers
Not by name,
Not by their particular pain.

A scattering of dots on a statistician’s page,

No one listens,
No one fights their cause.

Yet the papers announce the numbers,
The dozens,
The thousands and
The scores,

Weeping like pus from our festering national sore.


One thought on “Numbers

  1. it is sad…these ‘numbers’ mean the world to somebody somewhere, who is now in sorrow, their light snuffed out in the middle of the night and left in pitch darkness! we pray for succor for them and for justice to reign in the land.

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