Some Things Have No Words.

Dear Reader,

Compliments of the new year, month, week. It has been a while, I know. I thought of skipping this bit. The easiest thing would be to go on as if nothing happened and smile as if a month long silence is normal, but that wouldn’t be very honest would it?

I have been away for a while. First , I was in a fatal car crash on my way  back from my ICCOMNIGERIA meeting, I  almost died. I lost my devices. Everything spun horribly out of  control. Then I got robbed.  And the only thing I could think about was walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Through it all  God has been immensely kind to me. I am alive. I am well.  I have had time to think about life, priorities, purpose and eternity.

I have realised that most of the things we tear our hair out about are irrelevant.

I have found out that in the end, when your life flashes past, it won’t be your achievements or  bank statements that  matter. It is your relationships. The way you stand with people and with God.

I have stopped saving things; burying pretty jotters for later,  saving shirts for a ‘special’ event, hoarding mugs for some grand occasion….

Now, I wear my best shirts, drink with  my best mugs, scribble on my cutest jotters and enjoy all the blessings I have.

I have wiped away all the grudges I held. I am focused on living a life I will be proud to account for. And enjoying every step of the way.

And I am glad you are with me on the ride.  I can’t give any guarantees but I believe it is going to be fun. And novel and worthwhile.

So, let’s take the 2014 trip together, I wish you God’s best and good speed. God bless you more and more.

Alive and grateful,