Day 5: Facing Book and other stories.

Dear DLAP team,

Hello there, I know you are you are waiting for today’s gist so I’ll just give it to you.

Today (and yesterday) has been crazy. On both days I had exams in two different cities four hours apart. Reading, revising, promoting and blogging have been a few of the balls this amateur juggler is throwing in the air.

By grace, the exams have come and gone.

And there were some really hilarious moments along the way today.

1. A doctor told me the only Facebook account he had was burying his face in his books.

2. Another doctor told me that he had received many flash fiction vote requests from people he doesn’t know via inbox. (Hehe, them go de form elitist meanwhile………..)

3. A lady’s glasses nigh fell off her face when I made my ‘handshake pitch’ (yes they exist just like the elevator pitch, just shorter and more friendly)

And there is still work to do:

1. We are still begging blog readers from India, China, USA to reach us. Hey, this is your chance to make history.

2. We need people to join the team and help share the word.

3. We need a face of DLAP

4. We need a jingle.

5. We need a reading

6. We need people with clout on other social media.

7. We need bright publicity ideas.

Lucky Grace, all she needed was new clothes… Hehe.


By grace we still press on.

We don’t finish when we are tired.

We finish when we are done.

Thank you

For your phenomenal support.

Let’s keep doing this,

God bless you.


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