7 Things My Young Ones Taught Me

1. To Laugh.
To laugh often, openly, loud, uproariously, unashamedly, with pure delight.

2. To Ask Questions.
To live curious. To reject cliché. To want more light, more knowledge, more depth.

3. To Forgive.
As long as pots are on the same shelf, they’ll knock each other. The key is to let go, and move on. Life is too short to keep grudges.

4. To Explore.
To try new things, taste new foods, meet new people and turn them into friends.

5. To Dream.
To think beyond boundaries. To erase boundaries with the sheer force of faith. To see the future, today.

6. To Be Different.
To follow your own path, fall and get up. Look within for your compass, discover the talents you came with. Then, to unpack and share your gift with the world.

7. To Grow.
To keep pressing for better, taller, faster. To be unimpressed with Yesterday’s trophies. To stretch.

So many other things too…
Do you have young ones? Kids? Siblings? Students? What have they taught you? Please share with us in the comments.


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