My Fair Lady

Ugo wasn’t as rich as the other men that wanted Hildebrand nor was he as outstanding. He wasn’t as tall as Henry or as handsome as Macle. He wasn’t even as smart as Blondie. One thing was sure, though : no man in the length and breath of Suladia loved Hildebrand as much as he did.

In Suladia, women were wooed once a year, on the 1st day of the tenth month. This gave all men fair opportunity, preventing a true lover from being bested by an eager hare. On the Day of Hearts, as the day was called, single women, eighteen years old and above would be wooed by suitors from far and near. If a suitable match was found, they would court for twelve months and then, if no impediment was found, they would marry for life. Divorce was not permitted on Suladia.

So, the ladies did everything they could do to get the eye of that special man they would spend the rest of their lives with.

Some families, like the Asekanos–Hildebrand’s– were fortunate. Their’s was not a frantic flurry of final touches, nor the panicky prayers of fear. They were sure that Hildebrand would be spoken for. They were sure, in fact, that she would be spoken for by many a man. The question on their minds was, who would she accept? They wondered about this, with cheery content smiles, for in all of Suladia, there was no damsel as fair as Hildebrand.

Their concerns were genuine. For as the 1st day of the tenth month drew nigh, four men had plans to woo Hildebrand, each of them a noble in his own right.

The first was Macle. Macle was a handsome, wealthy lord. He had made his fortune as a basketball star, garnering endorsements and trophies like magnets draw pins. He lived in a large mansion on the sprawling hills of Redia with hundreds of servants and a fleet of fast cars. All across Suladia, prayers were made that Macle might choose one girl or the other, but Macle’s eyes were just for Hildebrand.

The next was Henry. At 6 foot 6 inches, Lord Henry was the tallest in all of Suladia. A good thing, as polls had shown that the beauties of Suladia favoured tall men over average. Henry wasn’t only tall. He was also rich. A second generation millionaire, he had inherited his money from his father. Most of his estate had been reinvested and now he had a considerable fortune in gas, oil, sugar, real estate and gold. He intended to use every penny at his disposal to win Hildebrand or die trying.

Then there was Blondie. Blondie was brilliant. He invented planes that were fuelled with air, inflatable houses that were bullet proof and pills that helped women shed pregnancy weight in days while they ate whatever they would. For his inventions many corporations paid him huge endowments and gave him generous grants. He was respected in Suladia and around the world. It was thought that the girl he choose would be crazy to say anything but yes.

Ugo knew his competition, and the knowledge was a dead weight hung on his soul. He was a man of average height with average means and average intelligence. He might be considered good looking by some, but certainly not when Macle was present. The more he thought of his prospects of winning Lady Hildebrand, the more he wanted to crawl into a cave.

To be continued after 10 Comments. Kinda kidding, but what do you think? Is this a worthy tale? Do I go on? Yea or nay?

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