Last night I fell asleep and woke up in the new earth. The planet wasn’t the way I thought it would be. It wasn’t an endless garden with orchards, lakes and unicorns. It didn’t have angels flying around, plucking heart strings or shooting arrows. It looked like the present earth only there was no scarcity, sickness, serpents or cops.

In the new earth, there were no babies, and no old people. All of us were in our late twenties or so it appeared. We had electricity but it was non lethal. Yeah, marijuana was there but it didn’t have side effects, was just like green tea with a high. No, there was no sex. Not even self service. Our sexes didn’t matter. Reproductive organs shrunk so all that was left was a urethra–a pee hole.

People worked in the new earth. I knew where I would be even before my guide took me there.

“Saint, guess where we are going?” Amanti asked me with a smile dancing on his lips. He wore a lilac shirt and blue jeans, good looking angel.

“The Literature Hub?” I replied, giddy from all the new sights and sounds.

“Of course.” He answered. He held my hand and we disappeared to reappeared at The Dais. The Dais was the planet’s Literature Hub. Every known work of writing had been translated to Humanish, a new language that all the inhabitants of the new earth spoke and understood.
Work was bliss. All we did was read, discuss and write.

Every month we took turns as moderator and students. Every work was seen to have merit. Even doodles were preserved as Springs Of Spontaneity. We edited a lot though. We had to make sure every work achieved its BPS– Best Possible State. We did this while having access to a feast of fruits, alcoholic drinks that didn’t get you drunk but left you pleasantly relaxed and non-fattening milk chocolate.

To be continued.

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