Americanah: The Rave, The Rant, The Questions

AMERICANAH: The Rave, The Rant, The Questions

Welcome to my blog. As you must have heard on Twitter, I read Americanah and I wanted to discuss it with other book lovers. After reading the book I had so much I wanted to discuss. There were things I liked and things I disliked. There were a lot of questions raised. To encourage the discussion across barriers of time and space I decided to write a couple of articles about it. That way we can all share and learn despite being miles apart. I am aiming to provide a place where we can rave, rant or question the book; and become better for it.
While I act as host. 🙂

It is becoming normal popular culture to stifle dissent from consumers especially readers. If you read a book and you don’t like it you are at risk of being labelled ‘envious’ ‘beefing’ and a ‘hater’.

I believe such talk is the work of intellectual assassins. They want to create a mob of mute zombie fans that can not speak up about their feelings even after spending hard earned money to buy their books. Nonsense. It is interesting that the wise words of Pa Achebe where he encouraged everyone to tell their stories are now being used as a shield against critical discourse.

People tell car companies things they don’t like about a car. This leads to improvement, innovation and better vehicles. I have never heard a car maker say “Go and build your own car!” And I think the idea that you must write a novel before you can say what you didn’t like about a book is absurd.

The days of insular writing and continental navel-gazing are gone. Now, any writer regardless on descent will find her or himself on the world stage, This implies constant improvement. So if you really care about your craft, you will appreciate those that take the time to give specific suggestions for improvement. That said, not everything you read is going to be true or helpful. Take the sugar cane juice and spit out the chaff. In any case let’s not lose our curiosity, our right to ask questions and our honest appraisal of literary work. If we do, we will find ourselves relegated to the fringes of the new frontiers of writing. God forbid, I forbid, what do you say?

To make things easier I will post different articles over the next few days. I plan to update the page as new things come up so you might want to follow the blog/ follow us on twitter to keep up. This is not an academic exercise; it is a book lovers hang out.

Comments found be abusive will be deleted but efforts will be made to air all views.

2a and 3a are ready expect the rest during the week.

1. Articles for those who haven’t read the book.

a. Americanah : Exploring Choice and Identity

b. 6 Things I learnt from Americanah

2. Articles for those who read the book and liked it.

a. 6 Things I Liked About Americanah

b. When You Have The Mic, Shout Your Heart Out.

3. Articles for those who read Americanah But didn’t like it

a. 6 Things I didn’t like about Americanah

b. The Nesses And The Ilies

4. Articles For The Neutral.

a. You Didn’t Know You Were Black? Seriously?: Thoughts On Agenda Writing

b. Authenticity Vs Plausibility, Fiction Or Memoir?

c. Pentecostal Christianity In Adichie’s Single Story

d. Who Likes Soft Wimpy Men?

5. 7 Questions, Tell Us Your Answers.

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