Shade arranged the chess pieces while licking a lollipop.
Her chubby face barely rising above the table.
She offered her hand and you shook it.
This wasn’t your idea of a chess opponent.
She moved her king’s pawn two steps looking up at you with a smile.
You ignored her and whipped out your C pawn.
This would be quick.
You would teach the organisers not to pair six year old girls with their fathers.


You were losing time on the clock. The unthinkable was happening. Onlookers were beginning to gather.
Your pulse was racing. You felt llike visiting the loo but you couldn’t because it was your turn to move.
She had trapped your Bishop and was threatening a double attack on your Rook and Queen.
You began to sweat then, inspite of  the air conditioning.
You thought, for twenty minutes then decided to play for a draw by perpetual check.


“Please sign here Sir.”
She hummed while handing you the score sheet.
Your hands were shaking as you signed.
You couldn’t stand up though you tried,
For the first time in your life, you had lost to a lady.
Stiffling the sobs that came you ran to the gents and cried like a baby.

7 thoughts on “Checkmate!

  1. I learnt to play Chess during my pre-degree days. I did not play higher than the leisurely, beginner level though but I enjoyed the task it gave my brain. When I defeated the guy who taught me, I was over the moon, till I got whacked by someone I also taught. I saw your tweet yesterday about people not commenting on posts. It happens to me as well. Now I just did, and I’ll check out the other stuff on here. Best wishes

  2. I’m not a chess fan but this made me laugh. I’m yet to find someone to teach me cos’ they all say its a technical game. Maybe they are afraid I’ll whoop them? *grins*
    p/s Girls rock! Thumbs up to the Shades out there

  3. New nugget for men folk: “while looking down on the woman, realize she’s the subject of the sentence”.

    I’m yet to learn chess. . I’m told (by my alter ego) that it’s piece of cake.

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