Hold Me

When there is no one else
That cares,

I look into your eyes and
Find bliss,

When friends are far and
Foes abound,

You remain my shelter from
Life’s harm,

Though I am not always
What I should be,

Your love still reaches
And captures me,

From now till forever
All I ask,

Is that you hold me
To your bosom,

Till all tempests pass

Out Of Reach

Isn’t it amazing

The way we crave things,

Only to get them

And wonder what all the

Bother was about?

To mortgage soul and spirit,

In a quest

For bigger, brighter, faster,

Then discover they are

Still not enough?

Wouldn’t life be so much

Richer, if we stopped

And truly listened,

Let ourselves enjoy

The things we already have?

Or must we continue

Chasing shadows

Buying bubbles,

Always hoping for that

Thing that is just

Slightly out of reach?


Everyday you keep

Watch over us,

Work night and day

To take care of us,

Selflessly sacrifice

So we dress like royalty,

Forgo trends, forget luxury

To ensure we are happy,

You are our hero

That is what you are,

No one can compare

No one can dare,

With the little you have

You have made us

So proud,

And we just had to say,

We love you more,

Every single day.

Happy Father’s Day

Dark Ages

The world wields nuclear power

We light our puny candles

Skyscrapers kiss the sky,

We crave a thatch roof

Nkere and I,

Supersonic aeroplanes whizz past

We trudge on pushing the wheelbarrow,

Microwaved chips are tossed aside

We scavenge for a little rice,

Waterbeds welcome wealthy heads

We lay tossing on a mat of threads,

Where does the inequality end

In Sleep, in Peace, or perhaps in Death.


As a mother that devours

Her children,

So our leaders

Swallow us,

They don’t stop

To see our faces,

They don’t bother

Listening to us,

We lie starving in slums

They are gaming in sport clubs,

We wash our hands with spit

They make fountains and Water


We seek sustenance

A livelihood,

They crush us,

And use our bones to

Build edifices,

Birth Mega cities,

Borrow pennies,

Yet remain pound foolish,

Demolish kiosks

Without providing jobs,

Ban head coverings

Ignore the head’s contents,

Jail adolescent parents,

For selling their babies,

Absent yourselves from

Decent adoption laws,

Buy newer bigger Awards

But you remain

A government of Cannibals.