A Little In The Morning

As I watch you sleep
I hold myself
And weep,
My lovely child
As I watch you
my thoughts
Roam wild,
What will be
Your fate?
What shall you eat
When you wake?
Shall I fill your belly
With songs?
Will these stones
Be bread?
There is nothing
To eat
Not a crumb
Not a slice
Not a grain
My child,
I cannot bear
To see you wake up
Hungrier than you slept
Instead I will
Veil my face
And take to the streets
There will be
A little in the morning.

3 thoughts on “A Little In The Morning

  1. This is good. “Veil my face and…” “Shall I fill your belly with songs?” Nice. Picturing the attempt to fill a belly with songs. Well done.

  2. Very touching your poem – it prompted this spontaneous response. You like it? then blog it, otherwise, ignore.

    I veil my face
    I embrace a pace
    on this phase

    I strike a pose to
    part reveal the ware to
    attract, to appeal,
    to strike a bargain
    nights on these dark streets,
    mean and dim
    where for a fare fair
    I fair sell my flesh
    and frame,
    me tame, almost lame
    before rates of exchange
    erect, hard, harsh, heartless
    unequal,the weak cannot bargain

    I empty my soul,
    as he empties inside me
    so much pain,
    for so paltry a gain
    all so that you, my child
    will not be empty
    when you rise

    I sink and sing to forget

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